Brave soul.


With just a crack she began her journey
She was nothing..
Just a being..

In search of something she didn’t know what that was or
Was it even real?

Closed eyes
Heart beating fast
She sprinted, ran, walked and accepted at last

The journey of life
Is to be enjoyed
Not to out run or outsmarted

Then came the storm and the crack grew
That was the time she knew
To be whole again won’t be possible

To live and be
That was everything she needed

Sometimes ending life is easy than to live it
So she took the hard path
And made sure she stuck with it

Living is now an art which she enjoys
Instead of books she reads other’s lives

Stories untold or told repeatedly
She doesn’t mind
To forget her’s is only on her mind

Till the time a story will be told
Where she would be the hero….
And a brave soul..


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